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Use of PADMA 28

PADMA 28 is a medicinal product produced in Switzerland according to a proven recipe of Tibetan medicine. The product is used in circulatory disorders with symptoms such as a tingling sensation, formication, feeling of heaviness
and tension in the legs and arms, numbness of the hands and feet and calf cramps.
According to the tradition of Tibetan medicine, circulation-stimulating and anti-inflammatory effects and antibacterial properties in respiratory-tract infections are attributed to the camphor recipes on which PADMA 28 is based.


Blood circulation

Circulatory disorders can lead to arteriosclerosis. The first imperceptible indications, often appear already from the age of  20 years. Arteriosclerosis is not, as was assumed years ago, a simple fat deposit with calcification of the blood vessels, but rather these deposits (formation of plaque) are based on a chronic, subliminal inflammatory process in the vessel walls. Consequently, raised cholesterol levels cannot be considered as being solely responsible for the cause of this disease. Life-style factors such as unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, smoking and stress etc. are also contribute to the development of this disease.

Inadequate blood circulation can occur in many different parts of the body: arteries of the leg (e.g. "shop window disease"), feet (e.g. diabetic foot), arteries of the internal organs (heart, kidneys), of the pelvic region (uterus, ovaries, bladder, prostate gland, penis), coronary vessels (angina pectoris) or brain (loss of memory, dementia). Symptoms such as tingling and sensory disorders in the hands and feet can also occur, due to ischemia of the peripheral arteries (Raynaud’s Syndrom).

A vitalisation cure

Examples of regularly recurring stresses are:

  • change of the seasons;
  • lack of outdoor exercise during the winter months;
  • lack of fresh ripe fruits and fresh vegetables.

Such factors can cause hyperacidity in the body leading to increased metabolic waste products, the presence of which is manifested, noticeable for example, as spring fatigue. The circulation-promoting effects of PADMA 28 and the plant-based immunising substances revitalise the stressed organism.


Chronic Inflammation


Support of endogenous protective mechanisms

The modern way of life brings progress, convenience and enjoyment – but frequently it also brings stress for our organism; every day we have to face demanding situations which stress the immune system and lead to a considerable increase of „free radicals". This activates "stress hormones" and thus weakens the immune system. A rise of free radicals production is for example caused by

  • mental and physical stress;
  • stressful environmental factors (ozone, electrosmog etc.);
  • inadequate diet;
  • smoking;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • high blood pressure.

Preventive measures such as taking, plant-based immunising substances can keep these harmful oxygen compounds in check. The medicinal plants contained in PADMA 28 provide such neutralising substances.



Sport activity is healthy and increases the quality of life. Excessive stress through competitive sport, on the other hand, places considerable demands on our body and on our immune system. The production of harmful substances is increased in competitive sport. Long-term damage can be prevented if, before and after major stress (e.g. competitions) the body is provided with immunising substances which improve the blood circulation and accelerate the elimination of harmful substances. Thus the signs of wear, for example, inflammation of synovial bursae and tendon insertions, can be reduced. A better circulation may also shorten the regeneration time.